No sale to private customers!

Delivery and Payment Conditions

Terms of Payment

Within Germany

New customers: 2 x advance payment 4% discount by bank transfer

Existing customers:  After the 2nd delivery in advance (within 12 months)
a credit check is carried out. With a positive credit check
The following payment conditions are available:
A) 10 days 2% discount, 30 days net by bank transfer
B) 10 days 3% discount via SEPA direct debit schemes
C) Special conditions by agreement


We ask for your understanding that we only supply foreign customers by prepayment with 4% discount by bank transfer.

Delivery Conditions

Within Germany

1. Minimum order value for first order:    € 800,– net
2. Minimum order value for further orders:    € 500,– net
3. Free delivery:    from 800,– € net to one address
4. For deliveries to Islands we charge a surcharge of about 60,– € per palett. 
5. Freight costs under 800,– € net order value:  freight costs 40,– € per palett.
     Island surcharge about 60,– € per palett.
6. Delivery by parcel service:    8,– € per package    (only unbreakable goods)


1. Minimum order value:    € 800,– net

2. We supply foreign customers on disposable pallet 

Pallet Price:  15,– € per disposable pallet

3. Freight charges

not adjacent
Price by agreement
Price by agreement