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1. Content of online offer
We will assume no warranty for currentness, correctness, completeness or quality of provided information. Liability claims against us, regarding to damages of material or ideational kind, which are caused by using or disuse of represented information or using of false or incomplete information are basically not covered, if there are no demonstrable grossly negligent guiltiness from our side.
2. References and links
We explicit explain that at the time of the linking the linked websites were free of illegal content. We are not responsible for and have no influence to the current or future design, the content or the creatorship of the linked sites. Because of that we are explicit dissociate from all contents of all linked sites, which are changed after setting of link. This agreement applies for all in our internet offers insert links and references as well as for all inputs of external people in e.g. guest books, discussion forums and mailings. This statement applies for every showed link and for all contents of sites our banners and links will guide you.
3. Copy right and trademark law
The owner of this website is tent to take care of the copy rights when using graphics, voice documents, videos and text. Also the owner is tent to use own graphics, item pictures, voice documents, videos and text or to resort to public domain graphics, voice documents, videos and text. All inside of the internet offer named or if applicable on the part of any third person protected brands or trade mark unrestricted underlie the determinations of the valid trademark law and the rights of ownership of the registered owner. Just because of bare mention not draw a conclusion that brands are not protected by third parties!

Copy rights for official objects created by the owner just belong to the owner of the website. Duplication of or using of graphics, voice documents, videos and text in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without the acceptance of the owner.

Copy right

Every web design, every text, every graphic, every selection as well as every layout and software copyright ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copy or reproduction (incl. printing on paper) of the whole website as well as sharing the website is just allowed to place an order to Every other application material available on this website or info – inclusive of reproduction, distribution, changing and publication to another purpose – is not allowed, unless, agreed in a written or electronic way. § 15 UrhG Allgemeines Abs.1: only the creator has the sole right to use his creation in an physical way; the right comprises particularly * 1. The right of reproduction (§ 16), *2. Distribution right (§ 17), * 3. Right of exhibition (§ 18). Abs.2: the creator has the exclusive right to reflect his work in a immaterial way (right to communication to the public).
This law includes * 1. The right of recitation, stage right, right of representation (§ 19), * 2. The right of official accessibility (§ 19a), * 3. Broadcasting right (§ 20), * 4. The right to reflect picture and sound (§ 21), * 5. The right to reflect transmitter and official accessibility (§ 22). Abs.3: the playback is official if it is meant for majority of members in the public. Everyone who is not connected with the creator of this website, everyone who has approach in an immaterial way to the creation or everyone who has personal contact to the creator, is part of the public.

4. Privacy
If there is the possibility to type personal or commercial data inside the website (e-mail address, names, address), the divulgement of the user is voluntary. The demand and payment of all offered services is – if it is technical reasonable – also allowed without such data or by using a pseudonym or anonymous data.
5. Legal force of this liability exclusion
This liability exclusion is part of the internet offer, from which it was guide to this website. If there are parts or wordings of this text are not, no longer or not completed according to the law, the content and validity of the remaining parts of the documents stay unaffected.

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